Songs for the Waiting

by Janet Blair

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released April 7, 2017

All songs written by Janet Blair
Except for “Belong” and “Divided” written by Janet Blair and Matthew Odmark
Janet Blair Music © 2017 ASCAP
Original Mattsters Music © 2017 BMI

Produced by Matthew Odmark

Recorded and Mixed by Matthew Odmark at Gray Matters Studio in Nashville, TN for Original Masters.

Assisted by Josh Lovell and Kat Miller
Mastered by April Golden at Golden Masters

Janet Blair- Piano, Vocals, Omnichord
Paul Eckberg - Drums
Matt Nelson – Cello, Bass, Guitar
Charlie Lowell – Organ, Keys
Stephen Mason – Bass*
Kaleb Jones - Background Vocals
Neil Brown – Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Avery Bright - String arrangements, violin, viola
Gabe Scott – Hammered Dulcimer
Matthew Odmark - Additional Guitars

Photography by Dana Attebery Photography
Album Design by Heidi Blair
*featured on Jesusland

℗ © 2017 Janet Blair. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws



all rights reserved


Janet Blair Las Cruces, New Mexico

Janet Blair builds a bridge between her classical roots and pop-influenced songwriting with her debut album as a singer-songwriter.

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Track Name: Belong
I’ve been reading your posted letters.
I’ve been singing wordless tunes.
I’ve been watching clouds over Santa’s
I’ve been waiting here in this room.

This, this is the place,
This is the place I belong when I’m writing our song.
Here, here in this space.
Here I will wait while we work out what’s right and what’s wrong.

You’ve been juggling three different meetings
You’ve been scrambling late out of bed.
You’ve been fixing errors on papers.
You’ve been cleaning up Michael’s mess.

This, this is the place,
This is the place you belong when you’re writing our song.
Here, here in this space.
Here you will wait while we work out what’s right and what’s wrong.

Put the chaos on hold
Before we get any older
Sing me stories of hope
Over telephone lines until I get home

This, this is the place,
This is the place we belong when we’re writing our song.
Here, here in this space,
Here we will wait while we work what’s right and what’s wrong.
Track Name: Jesusland
If Jesus were here, would he visit this street?
Would He bigger this house to fill up my dreams?
Would he pool all His pennies for first-world relief?
If Jesus were here, would He visit this street?

If Jesus were here, would He visit with me?
Would He know all the places that I’ve gotta be?
Would He see I’m important? Would He follow me?
If Jesus were here, would He visit with me?

Jesusland - He has far bigger plans.
Look outside your walls.
God entered the mess, blessing us to bless
Greater wealth is ours in the cross.

Beauty is good. God made beautiful things.
Its good to have comfort. Its good to be clean.
God made Martha Stewart. He made Mussolini.
This world’s a mess, but our hands are pristine.

I know I’m a hypocrite writing this song.
I live in a nice house, I have all I want.
But I want much more. I’m fighting to see
My riches are hung on that crucified tree.
Track Name: Just So You Know
What you told me I guessed that you meant it,
but guess you don’t mean it - if you meant to mean it you’d act like you meant it,
but you acted different,
so why’d you act different if you told me other?
Did I mishear something? Or did I offend you?
Did I cross a line in invisible sand? Did you hide your intent?
What you said or what you meant.... makes no sense.

I’ve been thinking and
Rethinking and
I think I’d better stop.
Why’d you tell me that it was okay if its not?

I’m tangled in lies today. I should have known this was fake.
I’m feeling just “super great,” now that I know.
Why can’t you think of me more like a human being?
I’m quietly suffering, just so you know.
Just so you know.

I wish I was marvelous you.
Perfectly tuned, perfectly practiced in your
Face to me what is free.
I’m nailed to a tree,
Ashamed of the truth of being me.
Track Name: Divided
I want to help you in this fight.
I want to help you do what’s right.
But when I tell you what is true,
You see me but not the truth.

With half your heart you taste and see,
The other half will not believe.
The devil hides behind that line,
Wrapping lies in silver lines,
Behind the guise of

Truth - I hear it calling you to do what’s right.
Another voice in you is hiding from the light.
Don’t hide it from the light.

I am just the same as you,
I’ll swallow lies to hide the truth.
The apple’s pleasing to the eye,
But it is poison to our sight.
It blinds us to the…
Track Name: And Here I am Trying to Save the World (My King)
I've been occupying my head
with thoughts of where I am
and what I am to do

I've been occupying my heart
with what they do and what they are
Thinking of me
O Lord, let me see

Outside of me is a world
is a universe spinning in space
Your love on display for a
miracle play I can't see

And though I reject you and set you
back far from the throne of my heart
You call me a daughter
And you, I call you my King

My king, you rule in majesty
Honor and glory, carefully forethinking
Unravelling all history
Higher than my ways
Greater than my thoughts
Mightier in ten, in ten thousand ways
God of all life, God of all breath, God of all days

Fathomless love in the depths of your heart
You would destroy yourself for the smallness of us
If you did that for us, then with us
Let the angels rejoice

What do I have that I have not been given?
What do I do when its you who were driven?
How can I save when its you who were risen?
Track Name: Eternity Grows
Eighth alarm, our wake up call.
Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall
Spoon and plates and the pan
I just put them back but let’s pull them out again.

Left our groceries at the store
Secured the house with open door
Children have the flu,
Still you’ve got me, and I’ve got you.

Put expectations down low.
What we’ve accomplished I’m not sure I know
But eternity grows,
Wrapped up in each day.

Watching children I don’t know
Scrape their knees and hug their ghosts.
Sleep, sweet friend of mine –
I’m dreaming of another time

You texted me, but my phone died.
Can’t see if you need that ride.
I cared for Bubbles and Toot.
I sang them the belly-up blues.
Track Name: Lazy Day
Lazy day
Rest your head
Peace and play

Background noise
Half-mast eyes
Children grow

Nothing is planned,
So nothing is needed
Lay down and rest yourself

Babies laugh
Parents talk
Time slows
Track Name: For Shania (I Will Wait)
Where were you to prevent this one's pain?
Was her life all in vain, O God?
You, who heal, who make the broken feel
No more sorrow, shame, or fear,
Where were you? Where were you?

Weep my eyes, my soul sinks in my bed.
Why are the innocent dead, O God?
Lies prevail. Deceit assails me.
Where is the justice on this land?

I will wait, I will wait.
I will wait, my soul will wait.
I will wait, my soul will
Wait my soul within me.

How many days must I wait on this land?
Take me home, take my hand to glory.
Why do you wait? Is your arm too short to save?
Why did you take when you gave?

You are the first, you are the last.
Judge us O judge when you come back.
Your ways are high, higher than mine
How you will make this weeping world shine.
Grant us salvation. Lord come quickly.

You were there. You wept our tears and took the shame.
You claimed the murder, hate, and named us your own.
Weep, my God weeps.
He dies our deaths to mend the peace.
In him, death will cease.
Track Name: Remember Hope
If you have a heavy heart, its hard to hope.
Though the truth is unchanged, its remote.
With tears behind your eyes, you’re getting through your day.
If giving in is failure, moving on seems fake.

Remember hope. Remember peace.
Be sad. Be angry, but do not dwell in anxiety.
All wrongs will be deciphered by Our perfect King,
So mourn, but mourn with peace.

When I think about the broken, the lost and lonely hearts.
All the faded wounds of centuries underneath our scars.
I look down at my hands, seeking out the tune.
I’m overwhelmed by just how little hands can do.

He will finish what He has started
Healing the heart of the world
He will finish what He has started
Healing the heart of the world
Track Name: Creation's Song
Sometimes in the still and quiet,
I catch strains of heavenly song.
God is singing o’er His children
And I, I’ll sing along. I’ll sing along to

Creation’s Song, Sing it out loud. Sing it out long.
From the beginning, now at the present, and all the days on and on and on.
Redemption calls. Lay down your life. Pick up a cross.
Freedom is calling. Cling to my Father, come lose it all.

In Him, our hearts are not anxious.
There is peace in obedience.
What fear can He not answer?
Give it to Him. Give it to Him in

Quietness will be my strength, will be my strength.
In quietness, I will be strong.
Your melody fills every space,
Quiets my heart and swallows the wrong